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Today's moving-related accomplishments:

* decided upon specific moving company
* scheduled pickup
* found takers for all unwanted furniture
* managed to contact apartment managers at apartment of choice

Today's non-moving-related accomplishments:

* introduced friends to Cirque du Soleil via DVD of Dralion
* didn't die while driving home through really heavy snow that was already half an inch deep in the streets


* moving company delivers boxes for us to pack things in

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*phew* Sounds like things are really getting into gear, aren't they?

I'm sorry I won't be in Beaumont this year, I'll be staying in Savannah having Christmas with others who won't be able to go home for the holidays. The lot of us will undoubtedly watch movies and open presents and stuff. And food. Oh yes. There will be much food.

And hey, I thought you might like this email I got from Dad today:

At home, unmistakable signs of Christmas - the stuffed rocky horse, the
wooden Rudolf, the wooden mouse with the spotted shirt, the two trees,
cards not sent, outdoor lights not up yet, ornaments on the dining room

Hope each of you have a joyful day and a Merry Christmas. We will talk to you over the holiday season.


And my response:

At our house I finished putting up our tree last night. I bought a $30 six-foot-already-lighted tree with sparse branches so my minature ornaments can still be seen. It's a pretty little thing and currently is topped with a santa hat since you two have my Tinker Bell topper. (Um ... could you mail it soon please?)

I was so happy when I read this email. Of course I know everything you're talking about, they're all traditions. And last night I was so happy seeing my own traditions starting as I hung up the ornament that signifies my first Christmas on my own from last year, and the Walt Disney World Mickey ornament from this year.

My entire group of friends were over last night watching me trim the tree: Ralph and his friends Raph and Lindsey, Millicent, Wendy, and Marlon. Lindsey helped me put the tree together and was excited as I was because she and Raph don't have much space in their apartment for a tree like mine.

I guess that's enough for today. Hey, Mom, could you send me your spiced apple punch recipie? The season just wouldn't be the same without it!

JL Jones

So yeah, even if things are stressful, try not to let it distract from the greatest time of year! I'll be in touch, kiddo.

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