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Clio has busted her leg

Thursday morning Andres noticed that Clio was limping a bit, but it didn't look bad. Therefore, he forgot to mention it until much later that evening, when I noticed that she wasn't putting any weight on her right rear leg at all, she would squeak if it was touched, and the ankle had swollen to about twice its usual diameter. So today Andres hauled her in to the vet; this is actually the first time they've seen her, so they were terribly impressed by her cuteness and general adorability.

As far as they can tell from the x-ray, the leg isn't actually broken, just twisted or sprained or something. They have put it in a tape splint, which is much more awkward to get around with than her previous solution of just holding it tucked up to her body all the time, but which does seem to be protecting it from random bumps. Or maybe that's the painkiller. (Well, I guess Metacam's really mostly an inflammation reducer, but it certainly doesn't hurt.)

Here is Clio not caring about the splint:

She is hanging out in the little cage for a while to try and reduce the amount of climbing she does. If she doesn't chew the splint off herself, we are supposed to remove it in about a week. She doesn't seem to mind it much, and hasn't tried to chew on it at all so far. I'm always impressed by how very little notice rats take of any little physical limitations they may develop. Back leg not working? No problem! Both back legs starting to fail? No problem, I've got two more! Missing limb? Tripods are stable too! Missing eye? What eye, I hardly ever used that in the first place! Stone deaf? Nah, it's just gone awfully quiet around here for some reason! I'm not sure if it's just that they lack the imagination to wish things were different, or if they're so used to going about their business that they don't really notice anything changed. They're very peaceful and accepting about these things; sort of vaguely zen-like.

Clio is particularly zen, in that she is a generally Buddha-like rat (chubby, cheerful, spends a lot of time meditating [we lesser beings call this "napping in the hammock," for we are unenlightened]). The vet says she should probably be on a diet, to cut down on certain aspects of the Buddha resemblance. This is completely true, but it's difficult to meddle with one rat's diet when she lives with three other rats. Ever so often we look at her and go "Oh my god! Is that a lump?!" but no, it's just another little roll of fat tucked up in an odd position.
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