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Niobe is 3
Niobe was born some time in August of 2003. I don't know exactly when, because she came to me secondhand after being purchased from a pet store, so nobody was really keeping track.

She's a very sweet girl. She's the most friendly, human-oriented rat we've ever had, although all the current bunch are trying very hard to get that title. In her youth, she was a champion wheel-runner, and she'll still go for a very slow jog every once in a while. However, these days she mostly enjoys her position as Rat Emeritus by eating and napping (occasionally at the same time, dropping off head down in the food bowl). She is the first rat we've had make it to three, so we made a fuss.

Left to right: Clio, Echo, Niobe, and Calliope (in hand)

Aren't they cute in their little party hats? They hate their little party hats, so they were not required to wear them any longer than it took to take pictures. But they had a good time climbing around on the furniture and meeting people. And then the non-birthday rats went back upstairs, and Niobe got to hang out and have some cake with the humans.

I would like to thank leback, myshkintheidiot, akosut, brooksmoses, and Alex for playing along. (And, in some cases, bringing presents. Above and beyond! You guys rock.)
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Sorry we didn't make it last night -- we didn't make it out of the house until 9 or so, and we figured that might be a touch late.

That's fine. You can come tell her how cute she is some other time. :)

I hope you had fun at the other party!


They're so adorable! I know that when Guiness turns 1 there's no way I'll be able to get him to tolerate a hat long enough for a photo. Doesn't mean I won't try!

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