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Attn: Calliope
If you chew through pieces which are holding the cage together, the cage will come apart. Chewing through things holding up the level you're standing on causes that level to fall down.

Stop looking surprised when this happens. I don't know how to explain it to you any more clearly.

(Does she chew cardboard? No. Paper? No. Fabric? No. Wood? No. The plastic zip ties holding major portions of the cage together? Hell yes. The protective powder coating off the bars, which should be nigh-on physically impossible to remove? Also yes. Crazy destructo-beast.)

P.S. And don't pull the ties into the cage and eat them while I am still reinstalling them. That is simply not polite.

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Little buggers. I tried to put a collar on my kitten last night, but these "safety collars" are far too safe. He can get the snap to come loose in less than ten seconds. We timed him. *also rolls eyes*

So I will have to find an "unsafe" collar for him if I plan to have tags on him. *sigh*

Moving on, I will be visiting Beaumont for Christmas! Not that I think you'll be able to make it, but I thought you might be interested.

Is Chris still hangin around Southeast Texas? Haven't heard from him in a looooooong time, so I'd like to know and drop by if he is.

Does he have a LJ?

Hm, now here I tried to send a nice e-mail response, and it seems to have failed. Did you change e-mail addresses recently?

Ooops, why yes I have. I am now Acquana@gmail.com

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