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We have returned from the Crucible's Fire Arts Festival up in Oakland. That was a lot of cool packed into a very small space with not nearly enough Caution tape around it. Highlights:

* Giant metal water lilies spouting fire.
* Enormous metal animatronic snake head. On fire.
* Steam engines; one with a whistle.
* Fountain of three streams of water. On fire.
* Random vehicles and devices spouting fire.
* Amusement park rides powered by bicycle pedals & chains. These were super-cool. One used four stationary bicycles to turn small tires overhead, thereby spinning a big circle with swinging chairs hanging from it. This went really fast, and felt like a much longer ride in the chair than on the bicycle. The other ride was three chairs attached to a wheel that spun vertically. This was powered by each person in the chairs pedaling to swing their chairs back and forth, which somehow or other made the thing spin. I don't quite understand how it worked, but it was crazy wild with the swinging. I got a little nervous because I was swinging so much and stopped pedaling, which turned out to be exactly the wrong thing to do. I actually flipped all the way over, which was when I announced that I was done please and would like to get off (if I am going to be upside down, I want more than one seatbelt). Nobody heard me, but I managed to live through the rest of the ride.
* Glassblowing, lampworking, and metalcasting demonstrations.
* Hourglass full of spinning water. Full of fire.
* Giant fire tornado created by big ol' fans.
* Dance Dance Immolation.
* Not one, not two, not three, but four separate Tesla coils. One of which was on fire. I could watch these all night. Gorgeous purple lightning. Just gorgeous.
* Skeletal insectoid metal creatures. On fire. Also I think they were singing.
* Remote control mantis-type creature about the size of a small car or a couple motorcycles taped together.
* Bio-diesel motorcycle.
* Assorted metal sculptures. Mostly on fire, but some just had fire set up behind them so they glowed.
* The main stage had, in turn, a band (xylophone on fire), some fire jugglers, some belly dancers, and some people in metal suits with Faraday cages on their heads and assorted neon implements playing with some of the Tesla coils.
* Various large spinny LED devices creating assorted pictures and patterns.
* A booth selling little LED devices in great variety. Also long glowing strings, which andres_s_p_b was interested in but finally declared "too hip."
* A metal globe with several different jets of fire that varied in size, thereby sending it rocketing about in unpredictable and startling directions.

Totally worth it, even if I do smell like about six kinds of smoke.
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