December 17th, 2016


Tori at Six Months

"I don't know what to tell you," said the pediatrician. "Usually at this point I'd tell you what to expect between now and the next visit, but she's met most of her nine-month milestones already."

Tori is still at the very top of the growth charts, very robust and healthy. She's got two teeth, can sit up as long as she cares to (although she needs help getting into a sitting position), and even pulled up from sitting to standing the other day. She can stay standing, leaning on something for balance, for a long time too. She hasn't quite started crawling, but she gets up on hands and knees and rocks back and forth like she is about to launch herself into orbit. Between rolling sideways and rotating in place, she can get pretty much anywhere. She does it sideways and backward, though, so sometimes she winds up stuck under the furniture.

Those teeth I mentioned caused some sleep disruptions for a while, but she is back to normal now -- 11 hours most nights, with maybe one night waking to nurse every other day or so. Two naps usually, sometimes just one, sometimes none at all (but she goes to bed a little earlier if she doesn't nap at all, so that evens out some). She still falls asleep on her own after fussing for a few minutes, because she is made of magic and stardust.

She's gotten a lot more social. She has a great big baby grin, and a delightful giggle. She likes peekaboo and tickles and basically anything her sister does.

We've started giving her some solids. She is VERY ENTHUSIASTIC about food. So far she's had carrot, potato, apple, banana, pear, tofu, a bit of carnitas, cheerios, rice crackers, plain ol' rice, bell pepper, fennel, grapefruit, squash.... It's hard to tell how much gets eaten as opposed to pulverized into a fine mist and spread on all nearby surfaces, or dropped and eaten by the dog, but she's having a fine time exploring textures and flavors.

She does not like baths.