June 10th, 2015


Quick Thirty-four Month Morgan Language Update

I want to record a couple cute mispronunciations before they go away:

yellow --> lellow
piñata --> pinyaya

At a party this weekend she and an older girl did like three-quarters of a Who's on First style routine about yellow jello.

She's started telling long stories, with dialogue tags. If one person tells her something or answers a question, she will immediately turn to the next grownup and repeat the information. She really wants to make sure everybody's on the same page. She's also into traditional playground games lately -- Red Light Green Light, London Bridge, that sort of thing. She wants me to make mistakes in Red Light Green Light when she's giving the instructions. She likes to make up variants of songs she knows; every two-syllable animal there is has gone around the cobbler's bench this week.

She's suddenly interested in sign language again -- she's been asking us to spell things, and wants the fingerspelling along with the verbal recitation. She's got the manual dexterity to make the handshapes herself now, too, and she knows at least A, B, E, and L. She gets T, N, and M confused, because they're quite similar, and she might have some of the others but I'm not sure off the top of my head. I think we'll be signing up for the preschooler version of the class we took when she was a baby the next time it comes around to the nearby location. At the park today, she was trying to get a younger kid (maybe a year, year and half?) to eat some pretend pie, and tried signing "eat" when the kid didn't react the way she wanted to verbal instructions.

She is thisclose to reading, and has been for a while. She knows all the letters, and the sounds they make (thank you, Endless Alphabet), but hasn't quite made the leap between sounding each letter of a word out one at a time and recognizing that as a word. She knows that MAMA has two Ms and two As but isn't sure what order they go in, and gets very excited about typing out MORGAN and other names she knows when someone walks her through the letters. I think she may stay thisclose for some time; she's very resistant to pushing in this area, especially if an actual book is involved. Possibly she is afraid we will stop reading to her if she can do it herself?

She's not trying to write yet, or draw symbols; still in the scribbling phase there.

She informs me regularly, unprompted, and very seriously, that she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She would also like a baby sister.