March 19th, 2013


FOGcon 3

I should really write a con report at some point, shouldn't I? It's been busy.

Anyway, FOGcon was great. I wasn't very enthusiastic about this year's theme (Law & Order), so I wasn't excited about as much of the programming as I usually am. That was actually rather convenient, because it freed up time for other things. The first other thing was organizing child care for the convention. This came together at the very last minute, but went beautifully in the event. I am very happy with how everything turned out. We actually left Morgan in child care a bit while we weren't there, because she was having so much fun playing with the other same-age baby and watching the bigger kids. (Well, by "playing with" I mean "chewing on each other's heads," because seven-month-olds, but they were certainly having a good time doing it!)

Attending conventions with Morgan turns out to be quite doable but a little different from what I'm used to. She had the most fun she has ever had in her life: a new, exciting place! full of new, exciting things to look at! and new, exciting furniture to cruise on! and new, exciting carpets to crawl across! and new, exciting people to watch! all of whom think she's adorable! She was very, very happy the whole weekend. She's not really up for sitting quietly in panels, though, so whoever was in charge of the baby for a given panel got to see usually about half of it. The dinner break lined up very neatly with her usual schedule, so with a little judicious tagging in and out after bedtime we all got as much evening convention time as we wanted, I think.

My favorite panel was the Liars' Panel, which I cannot adequately describe. Ellen Klages mooned the audience. David Levine flung popcorn. Someone whacked the flying popcorn with a cane, and a few quick rounds of popcorn baseball ensued. Paper airplanes were flown; wine was drunk; a good time was had by all.

Saturday afternoon in the con suite, Morgan learned to clap. Applause! Applause for the convention! Hurrah for everybody.