December 24th, 2012


Five Month Baby Update

The baby's hobby is gross motor development. She continues to get closer and closer to crawling without quite having gotten there yet. So far she has managed to get up on hands and knees or feet, briefly, and collapse in a slightly forward direction. She can also scoot herself backwards at quite a clip. Right now she points herself at whatever it is she wants and flails, scooting backwards. Then she realizes she's getting farther from her goal and gets upset, but continues pointing her front end at the target. We've had a sort of conceptual betting pool going on whether she will figure out how to go forwards first, or whether she will realize she's going backwards and start doing it deliberately. There's also a possible third dark-horse candidate, because she just recently figured out how to roll front-to-back, so in theory she could now just roll all the way to her destination.

She's noticed the dog, and reaches for him pretty much every time he's in sight. He is still a little dubious, but seems to have decided that she is a social being of some sort. He wants to lick her face a lot. I don't know if milk breath is delicious or what's going on there, because he doesn't generally try to lick the grownups.

Her first tooth is now well in and very sharp. I think she's working on a second one; she's gotten interested in the cold teething toys again after a bit of an interregnum.

Andres's father, Francisco, and his wife, Martha, were up for a visit this past week. This is the first time they've met Morgan. The first night they came over for dinner, Morgan was already kind of tired and cranky, and the arrival of these strange new people was just terribly upsetting. It took her a long time to calm down, partly because ever time she would start to settle, Francisco would come over to say hi and set her off again. Eventually she decided she was hungry, and once she'd eaten she felt a little better and was willing to come sit with everyone while we had dinner. She was in her high chair between Andres and Francisco, and for the first twenty minutes or so, Francisco would lean in to interact, she'd start whimpering, he'd snap back upright, and she'd stop. Then he'd lean in, she'd start whimpering.... Eventually she'd spent long enough chewing on her giraffe* and eying him suspiciously that she let him retrieve the giraffe for her when she dropped it over the side a few times, and then after that they were friends.

We also went down to visit Francisco and Martha and the whole passel of relatives they were staying with a few times, which went better because those were both lunchtime trips and Morgan was not so tired to start with. She was still a little nervous at the beginning of each visit, but once she got used to the group she seemed to like the attention.

She is very interested in food, so most times we sit down to dinner we give her a little bit of something to explore. Sometimes it's just a taste of sauce, but if we've got chunks of something baby-safe we'll give her a bit to introduce the concept of texture. So far she has had samples of sweet potato, squash, regular potato, guacamole, daal, various soups, a bit of naan... most of it just gets smeared on her hands, but a bit does make it into her mouth. I don't know that much of it makes it any farther than that, but it's not like she needs the nutrition. Last night she got a bit of lime and made the most remarkable disgusted face while bringing it back to her mouth over and over.

* It is not clear to me why the Sophie giraffe is so awesome, but Morgan sure does like it. Something about the shape makes it very easy to hang on to. It lives in her high chair to keep her entertained while we're eating. She likes to gnaw on it, sometimes while growling. It's all very nature show.