August 10th, 2012


I Suspect This Is Not the Last Time This Happens

andres_s_p_b's brother sent a cute little toy moose for Morgan. I noticed that the tag listed all kinds of interesting characteristics, so I was checking them out as listed -- ah, the antlers are for teething, and there's a squeaker in here, and these bits crinkle, and -- about this point the dog trotted up going "That sounds awesome! I love things that crinkle and squeak! Did you say something about being meant to be chewed on, because I can do that!" and we had to explain to him that this particular toy is not in fact for him, and perhaps he would like to go play with his starfish now instead?

It would be nice if baby toys and dog toys shared fewer characteristics. Or more; I suppose if all the baby's toys were as tough as the ones we get for the dog then sharing would be less of an issue.