December 31st, 2011


Not Dead! (Just Sick)

Happy new year! 2011's been pretty good overall, but I have been slammed with the head cold from hell since Wednesday. Blurrrrrgh.

Yesterday, despite disease, we went to a Vienna Teng concert up in Berkeley. I do like Berkeley; I wish it were closer. (Attn: earthquake gods, I mean that wistfully, please do not move either city.) It was an excellent concert. I love how differently she plays some of her songs in person; there are a few that I don't care for much on the CDs, but they're all great in concert. She did a bunch of random requests and covers this time, which was neat too.

Today we ordered new desks for the office. This has been a long drawn-out process, because there are all these options and choices and measurements and things involved. But now they are ordered, so in a few months we will have lovely matching semi-custom furniture filling up the whole office with more storage and not quite so many cables dangling in midair waiting to be yanked on / tripped over / otherwise hazardous.