December 24th, 2011


Christmas: Engage!

Christmasing has begun. Last night we all went up to Berkeley for tasty holiday dinner with brooksmoses's brother and sister-in-law and her sister and another friend of theirs. Great food, lots of fun, excellent company. We got to meet the dog, who is just the cutest fuzziest little bundle of enthusiasm.

Today chinders's dad is in town, so he's hung out with us as we go about our day (climbing, mostly, since we didn't go yesterday because of driving to Berkeley all evening) and will soon have dinner and then carry chinders's present for her sister off to the east coast.

Tomorrow there will be presents and big fancy dinner with just us, and seeing some friends, and then later in the week seeing more friends and general holiday spirit.

Right now everything smells like mulled cider. Perhaps I will go see if it is tasty yet....

I know you all really just read this for the chickens

Phoenix gets the Golden Snowball Award for excellence in winter laying. She's been chugging right along, straight through the solstice and everything. Go go reliable bird!

(Norska and Teckla, on the other hand, are total slackers. Their heads have gone all pale, too, so they're not going to be back to laying any time soon. Lazy chickens.)