November 20th, 2011



A little over a month ago, Phoenix and Norska started molting.

Phoenix dropped a dozen or twenty feathers over the course of about a week, then got right back to laying. She looked, at the worst, slightly disheveled, although the other chickens picked on her for it anyway. (That is what it is like, being the omega chicken.)

Norska shed pigeons-full all over the yard. She looked like she'd been used to dust things. All her tail feathers fell out. Now she's grown everything back in and looks much more respectable, but she hasn't started laying again yet. I tap my feet impatiently.

About a week and a half ago, when Norska was starting to slow down on the feather-splosion, Teckla started molting. She, too, has been leaving little piles of feathers behind any time she stands still for a few minutes. She's not cranky about it this year like she was last year, which is nice. Also she is much, much funnier-looking.

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