May 11th, 2011


Relaxation Protocol Completed!

Tonight Galen has successfully completed the Relaxation Protocol. We did it a little differently than described on that page, repeating each "day" of exercises as a unit until he could stay both put and relaxed through the whole thing. I treated "disappear from view" as "exit the front door" and "leave the room" as "exit the back door and walk back around the house to the front", since my main aim here is door-related. He took ages on Day 14 (when exiting the back door was introduced) because he kept wanting to follow me, but once he got the hang of it the additions in Day 15 went pretty quickly.

Now we move on to the extension I've written[1] specifically for chilling out about people coming to the door, which for the first time will involve other people. I do hope it's helpful.

If you want to volunteer to help us practice, I am all for it. The more people we get to practice with, the more likely it is to generalize. In a week or two, when I've seen how it's working, I will probably have a better idea about how I want to schedule that and will put out a call for assistance. There could well be cookies involved. :)

[1] Well, am writing -- I've got a 6-part section based around the other people having already been hanging around the house for a while, so that they're not too exciting to start with, but I'm still working on the subsequent parts in which the people are actually approaching the house from outside, being all new and exciting and stuff.
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