April 28th, 2011


Cross-Casting Lord of the Rings

Last night, at dinner, chinders and andres_s_p_b were discussing Portal 2, which they have been playing incessantly.

"Wheatley's a great character," said chinders.

"Yeah," agreed andres_s_p_b. "He's like Dr. Who if he was an idiot."

"Which Doctor?" I asked. "My ability to see them as idiots varies a lot."

"All Doctors. The overall Doctor. But I was thinking Tennant."

"Yeah," I said. "I can see Tennant as an idiot. Not Christopher Eccleston, though."

"No," said chinders, "Eccleston's more an evil genius."

"Great and terrible, like Galadriel," said andres_s_p_b.

"I'd like to see Eccleston playing Galadriel," I mused. "I think he'd be interesting."

So then we cross-cast all of Lord of the Rings.

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