September 12th, 2010


Axial Tilt

Axial tilt: I don't like it. I want my sunlight back!

Also, today I raked, mowed, edged, and raked and weeded the flowerbeds around the front lawn. Galen hung out with me while I was at it, so the kids next door and umpty-hundreds of their cousins (well, three or four, but it seems like a lot when they're all moving around!) of course had to come over and pet him and sniff him ("Look! When I sniff him he sniffs back! Watch this!") and hold his tail and ineffectually attempt to order him around (it works better when you don't have six kids trying to tell the dog to do something, even if they're all trying to tell him to do the same thing, which is not necessarily the case).

I'm not really sure what Galen thinks of kids. He always seems happy to see them, but often looks a bit overwhelmed once they've actually arrived. To be fair, this is how a lot of kids react to him, too. He is very patient with the whole petting and ear-tugging and general manhandling thing.