September 8th, 2010


Local Wildlife

The other day, while walking the dog, I spotted a vulture on the railroad tracks. It had something gray, furry, and very dead -- it looked like a large rat, but it might have been a squirrel with the fur already pulled off its tail. The vulture wasn't really eating the rodent, more waving it around while trying to get the annoying raven to go away. The raven didn't want to go away. The vulture would rush at the raven, flapping, and the raven would hop off a few steps and then come right back. At one point it snuck up behind the vulture, grabbed the vulture's wing and pulled. I stopped and watched for quite some time. (Galen was unimpressed. "Hey, you stopped. Why'd you stop? Oh, well, I can sit down for a bit. [a bit passes] Okay, boss, why are we still stopped? We're on a walk, remember? Walking? The fun thing where we walk? Forward, like this way? To new places? SIGH." I'm a little surprised, given how interested he usually is in moving, flapping things.)

Today, brooksmoses and I took our lunch nachos out on the porch to eat. While we were eating, a squirrel on the neighbors' house saw something it didn't like and started cussing. We never did see what it was complaining about; might have been a cat in the other yard. But after it started cussing, Teckla got all alert and started cussing back at it. It was great. :)

Also, this morning on our walk Galen and I ran into Simba (the dog he got in the fight with) and his owner. You will be pleased to know that the scratch on Simba's nose was in fact the only damage he took in the incident, and there were no later-appearing injuries such as broken teeth. (Well, I was pleased to know, anyway. I'd been worried.)