September 5th, 2010


Where the hell is my kite?

brooksmoses and I went out kite-flying this afternoon. We haven't done that in a long time -- since before we moved! -- and the last time I flew my good stunt kite it was damaged. I ordered parts to repair it, and repaired it, but didn't get a chance to try out the repair before all the house-hunting rainy-season packing-and-moving dog-training stuff happened.

But today was nice, so we decided to go fly the kite. Step one: find the kite. We checked the logical places. Not there. We checked the slightly less logical but still reasonable places. Not there. We checked the entire garage, all the closets, under the beds and the futon, and the attic. Three times. No kite. Where the hell is my kite? Checked the shed, checked all the shelves in all the closets, checked behind all the doors and in all the corners. Looked behind all the large furniture with any size of gap behind it. No kite.

I begin to suspect it somehow did not make the move. Did you help us move? Have you ever been in my house? Do you remember seeing a kite? It's about 5 feet long, very skinny, in a black fabric case. The case might have been inside two white poster tubes taped together (we moved it from Pittsburgh like that for extra protection, and hung on to the poster tubes but may or may not have used them again).

After giving up the search, we went kite-flying anyway, using the second auxiliary kite I ordered when I ordered the repair stuff. This was its first flight, and it turns out to be quite a nice little kite too. It's one of the parachute style, so it packs down tiny and requires no real assembly. It needs a little stiffer breeze than my proper kite, but there was enough wind for it today. It's quite gentle and easy to fly -- less responsive than the other kite, but that makes it harder to slam into the ground at high speed. We had a nice time with it.

But it's not my real kite. I want my real kite. :(