April 11th, 2010


Oh, God

My computer has a virus. A nasty, evil virus that makes changes to the registry such that every time you run an executable file, it runs instead.

I think I've fixed the registry issue, and I found one main file it had installed (though I suspect there are others lurking), and now I can run .exe files again, so I've installed a second anti-virus program, known to be able to deal with this sucker, and it is doing its deep scanning thing. As is my original anti-virus program, freshly upgraded and updated with as-of-this-morning virus definitions (caught the damn thing last night).

So right now everything seems to be working, and that is good because getting to this point was hard and frustrating.

Stupid virus.

Also it is raining, so I can't dig on the chicken coop foundation and the poor dog hasn't been outside yet today. He would like us to turn the rain off, please.