April 9th, 2010


Apparently I Am Not The Only One Around Here With Chickens

So I usually do something with the dog around lunchtime -- take him for an extra walk, do some training, play in the backyard a bit. Today I took him out front with the long line to practice recall some. We walked out the door, and immediately he was off across the yard after something -- a chicken! Not one of my chickens.

I put a loop in the line to tie him closer to the mailbox and went to collect the chicken. She was pretty docile, easy to catch and content to be held. Then I carried her around to the nearest neighbors who were outdoors, seeing if anybody knew where she belonged.

The guy across the street had no idea, and the neighbor next door doesn't speak much English, but once she went to get her friend and the friend explained what I was saying, she seemed pretty sure it belonged to the next people behind them (the new neighbors, with the little yappy dog). They weren't home, so she found a basket and we left the chicken under the basket on the steps. I hope they get home soon, because she seems like a nice bird and it's probably not very comfortable in the basket. If she's still there when I get back from my doctor's appointment I may put her in our backyard and leave them a note.

The irony here, of course, is that if her home has been correctly identified, she's living in the house that we very carefully designed the chicken coop to remain at least 25 feet away from, since it was unoccupied at the time so we couldn't get the residents' permission to keep chickens closer than the legal limit....