December 23rd, 2009


Christmas Dinner A

Today we had Christmas Dinner A, with brooksmoses and suzanne and chinders and andres_s_p_b and my parents and me. There was a vast amount of food -- the leftovers have our fridge stuffed to the gills. We did a puzzle (that's been ongoing over the last few days, but we finished it this evening) and had pie and opened presents. Also I took a lot of pictures, and then Mom pulled out her camera and mine started getting passed around, so there should be some good shots in there somewhere. I will look later, because I am very tired.

This is Christmas Dinner A because early in the morning Brooks and Suzi are heading off to Virginia, and then Cathy's immediate family members are heading this way, and we will have Christmas Dinner B with them (and my parents). I wish we could have gotten everyone in the same place at the same time, but this way the new card table plus the dining room table means that there's enough room for everyone who is present to sit together, so that's good.
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