August 21st, 2009


Real Estate Agent Interview Results

1. Leslyn Leong (Alain Pinel) -- This is the one we met at the open house. She's very enthusiastic, in a steamroller kind of way. She reminds you, every half-hour or so, that she was a commercial real estate lawyer for 20 years so she's really experienced even though she's only been doing the agent thing since October. She provided a lot of helpful information about the various processes of closing. We got the feeling that, if we went with her, she would immediately find us a house that was everything we ever wanted and more and sweep us through closing with no trouble, during which we would pay everything we ever wanted, and more. Did she mention she was a lawyer?

2. Angele Price (Coldwell Banker) -- Wonderfully businesslike. We gave all three of them a three-page description of what we're looking for and a few houses Cathy found online that sounded like they might work before we met. The other two looked at and thought about this information; Angele went to most of the houses (plus another one or two we hadn't mentioned), toured the insides, and took notes on a printout of the list. She also got a brief but evil grin when we talked about negotiating. We like her.

3. Susan Nevins (Cooper & Gamble) -- Very nice, very friendly, very much a people person. Also not very organized, not super-comfortable with e-mail, and really not used to being interviewed first. Our general sense was that if we went with her, she'd become our bestest friend and talk to us all the time and come over and plant, with her own hands, beautiful flowers in the yard of the house that we found online a year or two from now.
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