August 17th, 2009


House? House! House?!

It occurred to us[1] recently that we have probably got enough saved up for a decent down-payment now. Sunday, we[2] drove around to a couple houses I'd seen online that were having open houses, then on the way home spotted a few more open-house signs and followed them around. (There were a lot! It was like an Easter egg hunt!)

We[3] were expecting to just get a better sense of what's available locally than can be gleaned from website listings, figure out what "1,200 square feet" and "1,700 square feet" actually look like, that sort of thing.

Instead we, um, found one we really like. I wasn't expecting "really like" and "in our price range" to overlap quite so much as they apparently do at the moment. So we[4] are precipitously and impulsively flinging ourselves headfirst into the real estate market. We are meeting the real estate agent who was at the house we liked again on Tuesday; she had a whole list of other properties she thought we might be interested in. And there will be a Bank Person there. And Andrés is setting up a meeting with another Bank Person for probably-Wednesday-morning. And we need to contact USAA and the credit union to see what they have to say about this because they probably have happy low-interest-rate things to say.

And, uh, I guess then we find a buyer's real estate agent? Are they the same bunch of people as seller's agents -- can we just have the one we met yesterday do this for us, assuming we interview a couple of others and still like her? Or do we need to go find some other sort of creature entirely?

And we need to write our wills! Might as well do that while we're already drowning in paperwork, that's what I say. In case we all die in a tragic housing accident.

So. Yes. Any and all advice welcome, especially from local homeowners and/or people who have done this housebuying thing recently.

[1] Andrés and me
[2] Andrés, Brooks, Cathy, and I
[3] I
[4] Andrés, Cathy, and I
You see why I don't normally specify?