June 2nd, 2009



On Sunday, we went to see Wicked. It was fantastic! My favorite part was the costume design, followed closely by the staging, set design, and chemistry between the leads. Then the acting, and the dancing, and the flying monkeys. (I am not all that fond of the songs as such, although there are certainly some powerful emotions in context.)

We bought these tickets like six months ago, because it was pretty much sold out until now. I can see why!
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PSA: I don't really have a cellphone

I mean, I have one, yes. But it's hardly ever on, and when it is on it doesn't bother to tell me I've got messages until sometimes weeks after they were left.

So send me e-mail or call the house instead, unless you know I'm expecting you to call the cell. (If we've, say, arranged to meet somewhere nonspecific like "at the train station" I will most likely have it with me in case we can't find each other.) It's worth trying if you have something you need a response on in the next five minutes, but if I don't answer you probably won't be getting that response at all. Send e-mail instead if it'll keep a day or so.