January 24th, 2009


Modern Banking

I wrote three checks on Friday. The last time I wrote a check before that was in July. Andrés does the rent checks, and everything else we use credit cards or online banking for. I hadn't realized that had changed so much, but July. Wow.

If you are curious:
1. to have my hiking boots resoled
2. for a Community-Supported Agriculture subscription
3. to brooksmoses for his half of the "extra fruit" option on the CSA subscription he's splitting with somebody else (from a different farm; ours does not grow much fruit)

I hope my boots come back okay. I miss them.

We will be getting a lot more cooking greens than we usually eat. Fortunately, the CSA website has a nice big list of recipes, so I shouldn't have much trouble figuring out what to do with them. (Sauté with garlic, mostly, it looks like. That was my first thought. Looks like adding lemon juice is also popular, and probably helps cut the bitterness on some of them. Steam the tough ones first. Also there are a number of soups and pasta-toppings and quiches and miscellaneous other things to do, which will probably be very useful once we get sick of sautéed with garlic.)

I didn't realize he was so accident-prone when I married him

We have spent the afternoon in the Urgent Care facility, as Andrés has broken his toe.

I wasn't home at the time, so I'm not quite sure what happened, but according to report he was peacefully strolling into the kitchen, minding his own business, when a vicious doorframe leaped out and attacked his pinky toe.

Now he has silk tape and a funny shoe so he can limp around without bending it. We're told it should be pretty much better in about two weeks, although it will take another few weeks to heal completely.
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