December 15th, 2008


Busy busy busy

1. Saturday, I went to the Dickens Fair with andres_s_p_b, chinders, and tenacious_snail. The three of us were planning to go anyway, and then tenacious_snail asked us along to use some discount tickets she had, so that worked out really well. It was neat! There were lots of highly shiny things to look at, so mostly we shopped (Except for tenacious_snail, who split off fairly early to go talk to people she knew, i.e. about half the people there ["Wow, there are all these people I don't know! Where'd they all come from?"]).

andres_s_p_b wore his tux ("It's period! Sort of."). At the fair, he picked up a top hat in the precise style he's been planning and a very snazzy red vest with a gold dragon pattern. He looks very dashing, and has trouble fitting through doorways. The shop across the way did not succeed in selling him a feather accent to make him another six inches taller. chinders got a nice hat, too, and some lovely spiral earrings. And various bits of Christmas shopping got done.

We also attempted to see a show or two, but were stymied by lack of convenient seating. We did watch some bellydancers at Mad Sal's; they were quite good. We ran out of ability to deal with crowds & noise around 4:30, and decided to go find a coffee shop or something to hang out in for the hour and a half before meeting folks for dinner.

2. We didn't find a coffee shop, because we managed to do something wrong getting on Mission, and drove allllll the way across San Francisco before we figured out what we'd done. Then we drove allllll the way back across San Francisco to the restaurant, plus another kilometer or so to find parking, by which time it was about time to meet people anyway.

3. Dinner, at Squat & Gobble, was very tasty. Mmm, crepes. We met brookmoses, suzanne, ejalbert, and Erin-who-might-have-an-LJ-I-don't-know there, and had quite a good time chatting and sending desserts around the table and stuff.

4. Then we went to a Vienna Teng concert, which was great. She's added a violinist and a cellist since the last time I saw her, and they had some really fantastic arrangements with the piano and Alex Wong the multitalented percussion guy. He had a cube which he sat on and also used as an instrument, and I want one. (Unfortunately, I don't know what it's called. "Percussion cube" is not getting me anywhere on Google. Or... hm. It might be one of these. Not sure.)

5. Sunday at dinner, suzanne told stories, some of which were funny and all of which were interesting. This is here to encourage her to record the bucket story in some form!

6. Today was brooksmoses's birthday, the dinner for which I am just back from. It was tasty too, and also good fun company.

A. I am bemused by the disparity between the answers to the two versions of the question in this poll. I guess I'll be starting with the attention one, then, but it's quite disjointed so it'll be a while. Also I have things I want to get done before Christmas. I have finished all the shopping I'm doing, and mailed the one package I'm mailing, so all that's left for Christmas proper is setting up the tree, planning dinners, and wrapping things. And I have a project I want to finish, which is possible but will require quite a bit of, you know, actually working on it.