July 19th, 2008


My Day

I have been very social this week, and I've spent a lot of time getting things done. So I declared today No Plan Day and determined to do only and exactly what I felt like. None of this pesky being anywhere at any particular time or catering to the preferences of other humans in my living space, oh no.

What I felt like doing:
* snuggled with andres_s_p_b
* got up at 12:30
* saw the third part of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
* hung around on LJ for a while
* listened to the four best songs on Dr. Horrible's over and over again
* found lyrics; sang along
* fed cobalt_00's cats[1]
* biked to Sylvan Park, where I had been told there were chin-up bars
* (got slightly lost; not particularly desirable but not unexpected)
* increased my chances of being able to figure out how to bike to places in Sunnyvale by like 1000% (Evelyn seems like the go-to street; Dana goes over the big ugly streets nicely but then lands in a confusing twisty area)
* discovered that the park not only had chin-up bars but also all kinds of fun grown-up playground equipment with little signs showing how to use it for boring exercise
* played with about half of the grown-up playground equipment
* hung upside down off the chin-up bars for a while (this is why I was asking about them; it's good for my back)
* read latest volume of Usagi Yojimbo
* biked to Verde Tea Cafe; got red bean milk tea with pearls (I was expecting this to just be red bean flavored, but instead it has whole red beans in it. Interesting contrast with the tapioca pearls. Also, yummy.)
* walked bike home while drinking tea (for a couple blocks) and then making horrible noises while trying to suck up the remaining red beans and pearls (for much longer)
* listened to Dr. Horrible songs a couple more times
* (andres_s_p_b and chinders turned up with groceries)
* exercised (added 5 sit-ups and 5 push-ups; added a weight for leg-lifts and dropped back 5 repetitions)
* (Pandora played me a song I've never heard before[2] but immediately liked a bunch)
* (ooh, dinner's ready)

[1] Unfortunately, one of the cats had decided carpet was more fun to poop on than litter was, so I cleaned that up even though I didn't particularly want to. Better than the alternative, though.

[2] Nor had I heard anything by the band, or indeed heard of the band.