April 7th, 2008


I couldn't write dialogue like this with a team of Whedons

(Today's dinner theme was "chocolate". I could not finish my dessert.)

T: The dense chocolate lump has defeated me.
A: (shocked) Defeated by chocolate?
T: It had allies. I defeated the allies.
A: So you're chocolate Hitler?
T: There are so many things wrong with that statement.
A: ... alternate universe chocolate Hitler?
T: Where's my LiveJournal?

And a bonus conversation:
Last Thursday my train broke down, so they eventually herded us all onto the next train, which meant that I was standing in a corner trying to read my book while the guy crammed in up the stairs next to me was carrying on a very intense and detailed conversation on his cellphone about his new girlfriend, including the line "She's hella mature!" which made me and the attractive black guy standing on his other side snort simultaneously. He didn't notice. Later, the other guy standing up the stairs from Intense Phone Guy suggested that IPG "Breathe between words!" He didn't notice that either, but the cute guy and I did. And I was reading my book!