January 14th, 2008


Whining + Survey = one of the most boring LJ posts in the history of ever

I've been really, really sick this weekend. It's "just" a cold, by which I mean I haven't been nauseous or spurting blood or anything, but it's been one hell of a cold. I've had just about enough energy to blink (between naps) and occasionally turn pages or hit the scroll button.

There was stuff I wanted to get done this weekend. Rather a lot of it, really, all lost to the snot-monster.

But I am feeling a little better today (after getting up at 11:00, followed by a three-hour nap -- why yes, it is 7:00 now; I think I'll go back to bed soon). Indeed, I have just enough energy to complete that survey that's been going around. I shall steal my copy from epi_lj, and brutally adapt it to actually fit my life.

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