November 1st, 2007


What the Rats Have Been Learning

It's been an educational several days over here. Some of the highlights:

* Hera has learned that she can lick food off of fingers instead of hauling the whole finger back to her lair.
* And that if she touches the carpet outside the cage with her front paws, she does not immediately burst into flames.
* Also, humans are not covered in a deadly contact poison.
(She has, in general, relaxed a lot. Still needs some work, but she's quit being Post-Traumatic Stress Rat all the time. Still jumpy, but not terrified into immobility anymore.)

* I have learned that Aphrodite would rather explore than eat treats.
* Aphrodite has learned quite a lot about the layout of the living room, especially the area under the chair and the cables behind the television.

* One or both of the new rats have figured out how the wheel works.
* I have learned that I can hear the wheel all the way from downstairs at 4:00 a.m. when it needs to be oiled.

* Calliope has gone all Edmund Hillary and spent the evening scaling the art-supply shelf; she's established a base camp by the simple expedient of throwing all the dead socks in my pile of sewing scraps on the floor so they're not in her way and made it up past that to the software.
* Calliope has not, however, learned how to climb down from the shelf.
* I have learned that we need some new furniture in here. Furniture with doors on it.
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