October 27th, 2007


The most successful shopping day ever

I went looking for two things today, and found two of each.

Thing 1, raincoat: one nice expensive raincoat from the sporting goods store, one three-dollar poncho from the military surplus place. I have a sneaking suspicion that that second one is going to see more actual use.

Thing 2, rat: one super-friendly black hooded rat, one very shy agouti hooded rat.

I assumed, when the available-small-animal hotline at the Peninsula Humane Society (thank you, firecat, that was an excellent suggestion) said "two young female rats", that that meant a pair, but they actually hadn't met. The black hooded was turned in nearly a month ago because of some problem with the owner's child, and the agouti was left in a box after hours. The shelter doesn't know anything about either of them, but the black hooded looks like she's about 6 months old, maybe younger, and the agouti appears to be at least a year old. The black one is very sweet and likes to climb on shoulders. The agouti is extraordinarily reluctant to come out of her tissue box. She was willing to climb out of it into another box, and to explore the cage a little (with frequent high-speed returns to make sure the tissue box hadn't gone anywhere), but going out into non-enclosed spaces is Just Not On. I don't know what she's been through, but it looks like it's been pretty rough. She holds her tail oddly, bent up almost over her back, and it looks like it might have been broken near the tip. She doesn't seem too scared of people specifically, just of being out where we can see her.

They are getting along fine with each other, but we won't introduce them to the other rats for a week or two in case they come down with anything communicable.

We are calling the black one Aphrodite and the agouti one Hera, but we might change those if their personalities start to look very different after a day or two.
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