October 20th, 2007



We went looking for new rats this morning. Mostly this is because we are completely heartless being practical, as Echo is not in really good shape and we don't think Calliope will do well as an only rat.

Also, hey, cute baby rats.

Anyway, we did not in fact find rats; the Rattie Ratz rescue fair had really adorable boys, but the only females were being adopted as we walked in. (So if you want some boy rats, go quickly! At least three of them are very sweet.) The person running the adoptions mentioned that the Silicon Valley Humane Society had recently called asking for help, so she thought they had some females. We went over there, but they actually only had two females, who were two years old (which is quite old for a rat). One of them looked healthy and alert, but the other one was clearly not feeling well. Poor critters; I don't know how two-year-old rats end up in a shelter.

Anyway. Too bad for us that there aren't many rats in need of new homes at the moment, but on the bright side, there aren't many rats in need of new homes at the moment! Maybe next month.
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