August 7th, 2007


An Evening of Comedy

Monday night! Eddie Izzard! Great fun.

It definitely felt like a set that was still under construction; there were a couple of bits where I thought "Yes, that's funny, but with a little more work it will be hilarious." There was a certain amount of audience interaction, and he kept messing with the set for the longer-running play that had been left set up (looking out the windows, pretending to break things, etc.)

Every time I see one of his shows I'm amazed by how much mime you can put in stand-up comedy. You wouldn't think watching a guy make fly noises for several minutes would be funny, but you would be wrong.

After the show, we discovered that the trains were all messed up because of a Giants game (and apparently a "trespassing incident" earlier in the day, too, but we didn't know that at the time). We accidentally got on the slow train, because we weren't sure where San Carlos was (my train doesn't ever stop there) and when I thought Andres had gone off to check a schedule to figure out which side of Mountain View it was on, he had in fact gone off to, um, do something else, I guess.

Anyway, there was compensation for being on the slow train -- some teenage girls were up at the front of the car, and the twenty-something guys sitting near them decided that they ought to give advice. They were mostly being pretty quiet about it, but ever so often the louder bits would drift back to us, and we would crack up. The highlights:

The guy that talked most summarizing his main points early on:
* Get on birth control.
* Stay in school.

The girls were apparently a little dubious, because later on we heard:
Sure, it doesn't make sense now, but later on in your life, years from now, you'll think "Gee, I wish I'd listened to that guy on CalTrain."

And then the chanting.

It was highly entertaining.
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