July 8th, 2007



I'm a little odd about music. (I'm a little odd about a lot of things.) One of the ways I'm odd about it that I don't like songs the first time I hear them[1]. I can often tell that I'm going to like a song, but I usually don't really like it until I've heard it through a couple of times and gotten to know it a little better. When I get a new CD, I tend to listen through it once, then go back and repeat it several times, focusing on the songs I like best. When I get to liking a new song, I want to listen to it over and over and over, which drives other people in my vicinity completely nuts. I am very happy that (a) headphones and (b) digital media, which let me go "Again! Again!" without having to muck about with rewind buttons, exist.

So Friday before last, I spent pretty much the entire morning cycling between three new songs, with occasional excursions to the rest of the album (Land Dispute, by ThouShaltNot). The interesting thing about these three songs is that they happen to illustrate the three categories of lyrics that I like. Therefore, I shall tell you about them in excruciating detail!

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