June 22nd, 2007


Let's all play the rat-diagnosing game

Today Echo and I went to the vet. Her incisions from the previous surgery have healed up nicely, but yesterday she suddenly sprouted a lump on her throat.

It's directly between her front legs, about the size of a hazelnut, and very soft. I wanted to get a picture for your diagnostic pleasure (ha) but she wasn't being very cooperative.

For your convenient diagnostic reference, some common sources of lumps in rats are: benign mammary tumors, malignant tumors of various sorts, abscesses (infected areas), and seromas (areas filled with fluid). Information about Echo's previous lumps can be found here.

This morning the vet aspirated a sample from the lump to see what it was. (Tumors couldn't really be diagnosed from this, but it would be possible to tell whether it was infected and therefore whether she ought to be on antibiotics.)

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I've never been to a science fiction convention, but they seem like the sort of thing I'd enjoy. I will be testing this theory next weekend at Westercon in San Mateo. I'm just going one day; probably Sunday, but if they get the programming schedule up in advance I might be convinced into Saturday or Monday instead.

Persons who are going to the con and want to play native guide for me are encouraged to do so, 'cause I could use a native guide. Not that you must play native guide if you happen to see me; I should be okay enough not to need one to be comfortable. (This is a relatively new development.) Persons who are not going but have general suggestions for things to do / avoid doing are encouraged to contribute below!

Persons who think it sounds interesting are also welcome to join me, although I don't know what I'm doing and therefore can't play native guide. I suppose I'm the Great White Hunter in this metaphor. I wonder if I get a sidekick?