June 1st, 2007


Breasts! Breasts! Breasts!

I have become dissatisfied with my bras. (Again.)

I suspect that what I need is to go down a band size and up a cup size (again), or possibly just up a cup size, or down a band size and up two cup sizes. (Probably all of these, and more, for different brands. Hate clothing companies so much.) Unfortunately, neither of my current brands is made in a larger cup size.

So what I'm looking for is a store somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area that sells 32DDD (or E, or F; labeling schemes vary) and EE (F, G, etc. according to chosen scheme). Few companies make cups larger than DD; few companies make band sizes smaller than 34. The combination is... tricky.

I could also use a bathing suit, and I am curious about what a properly-fitting corset would do support-wise, so if you know of places either of those can be found, do please tell.

I have many good online recommendations, so I can play the mail-order game if I must, but I'd rather go try things on if I can.