March 24th, 2007


Gods and Monsters (a movie review)

Gods and Monsters is a sweet, sad film. It's about the final days of director James Whale, best known for Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. In part it's a sort of biography told in flashbacks and stories, and in larger part it's an entirely fictional explanation of some of the strange circumstances surrounding his death.

James Whale is played by Sir Ian McKellen, who does a really fantastic job[1]. Brendan Fraser also does excellent work, and the interaction between the two characters is complex and varied and fascinating to watch.

Also: full frontal male nudity.

Anyway, I liked it quite a lot. We've had the Netflix disc since September, because we are horrible people and will watch comedy over drama until we've run out of comedies entirely (tragedy tomorrow, comedy to-night!), but I am glad we got to it eventually because it's very good.

[1] Also, although I haven't particularly liked older men since the Sean Connery phase I went through as a young teen, I could watch him smoke that cigar ALL DAY.
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