February 9th, 2007


S is for...

Back in December, tenacious_snail assigned me a task: List 10 things I love that start with the letter S. I thought it was going to be tricky, because I have a hard time with lists, but in fact I came up with so many things they started overlapping. So that is what the related runners-up, or similar seconds, are.

Stars. I like looking at the huge dark expanse of the sky, filled with thousands of enormous roaring balls of plasma, hotter than I can imagine, further apart than I can easily comprehend. It's good for my perspective, and comforting. (Also: space, shuttles, & sky)

Science. Learning more about the world, creating amazing new things, sharing information with everyone who cares to learn. Good stuff.

Spices. The entire point of food. (Also: salsa, sandwiches, smoothies, sugar, & snacks)

Sleep. Knits up the raveled sleeve of care, improves my disposition, and provides full-color sensurround fantabulous marvelosities in the form of REM, my personal favorite phase.

Stories. Entertainment, education, and communication, all in one tidy package. I like telling stories, I like hearing stories, I like reading stories.

Stability. Change bothers me. (Also: stone & sea)

Snuggling. I am a fan. :) (Also: sofas, soft things, smooching, & sex)

Schedules. I function better when I have a lot of different things going on. Also, I have a memory like a steel sieve. As a result, I strongly prefer those things to be planned, organized, and written down in my little pocket calendar well in advance.

Slacks. I am a pants kind of person. I do, technically, own a skirt and two dresses. There exists some possibility I might wear one (1) of the dresses in future for a non-costume purpose, but this will be unusual behavior, for some special occasion, probably remarked upon by others in an incredulous, startled sort of way. (Also: sweaters & socks)

Sandals. Because toes want to be free. (Also: shorts, sunshine, sand, swimming, & spring)

If you would like a carefully hand-selected letter of your very own to mull over for a month or two, comment and I will pick one out of the bin here and shine it up for you.
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No, like, actually exploded!

While I was writing that last entry there, Andres' computer exploded.

I do use that word metaphorically a lot, to indicate "ceased working in a sudden and impressive manner", but here I actually mean exploded.

There was a loud POP!

The screen went dark.

There was an odor of burnt.

And a lack of functioning.

He thinks the warranty expired... yesterday. We suspect the power supply.
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