February 7th, 2007


Argh, can't sleep.

So far, in my not-sleeping-ness, I have: read Dave Barry's novel Tricky Business (2.5 hours, pretty gripping for a funny book), gone to get a glass of water (2 minutes, cool and refreshing), started a content review of a book for work (about 45 minutes, going to take longer than I thought hoped), caught up on what's been happening on LJ since I went to bed (5 minutes, ::waves at the Australians and New Zealanders::), got another glass of water (1 minute, still cool and refreshing), and whined about it (10 minutes and counting, not particularly satisfying but I think I am starting to get tired again).

[The LiveJournal spellchecker does not recognize New Zealanders. It thinks you might be slanders, sealants, Icelanders, calendars, colanders, cylinders, Hollanders, elands, salamanders, or any number of other peculiar and amusing things.]