February 2nd, 2007


The color meme

I am cranky today. (Yes, still. I have been cranky for days.)

I don't want to work. So I'm not. I'm doing memes instead. And then maybe I will have gathered the mental fortitude to get some of the vast quantity of work that needs to be done done. (I did a lot of to-do list cleanup Wednesday, but I feel kind of behind on work I get paid for. Haven't missed any deadlines; am not in any particular danger of missing deadlines; feel behind/lazy/guilty anyway. I think I mostly need to fix this by not feeling guilty rather than by actually getting work done, which is unusual for me [usually getting things done is the fastest way to not feel guilty, but these projects are all big enough that I won't finish them today, and I don't think less will help much].)

This is the color meme; I think I saw it most recently from kightp and serenejournal.

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