January 3rd, 2007


A learning experience

I learned this morning that I can go from horizontal and asleep to out the door on my way to work in seven minutes. This includes toothbrushing, hair braiding, and putting on all appropriate items of clothing. It does not include showering or eating breakfast.

The reason I know this is because my alarm did not go off this morning, for mysterious reasons. (Usually, either the volume got knocked all the way down to zero or the clock was accidentally set as p.m. instead of a.m. after a power failure. Neither condition seems to apply this time, and andres_s_p_b doesn't think I beat it to death without waking up. Testing[1] will occur when I get home.) I woke up at just about the time I'm normally thinking "Hm, it's about time to go put on my shoes."

Also, my bicycle chain chose[2] this morning to have an adventure, and explore parts of the bicycle that the chain doesn't normally get to see! But despite its extremely determined clinging to its new-found favorite spot, I managed to pry it out and slap it back on the gears, where it settled back into its usual routine within about a block or so.

But despite the very best efforts of the mechanical devices on which I rely most, I made it to the train station on time, and the day proceeded normally from there. So there. :P

[1] For best results, imagine "Testing" in the most ominous voice you can.
[2] Actually this was entirely my fault, because I fussed with the gears after I got it back from the shop on Sunday without turning the pedals to keep everything aligned properly.