November 18th, 2006



Good stuff:

1. A car/bicycle interaction that was just as confusing as, but much more cheerful than, the last one.

In the left-turn lane, from front to back: Other Bicyclist, Woman in Burgundy Sedan, Me. We're all sitting there blinking in our various ways, and the driver opens her door to lean out and ask me if I'd like to go in front to be with the other bicyclist. I'm a bit confused by this, and allow as how I'm perfectly happy where I am, in line to turn left and all, and she seems a little confused but pleasant, and then the light turns green and we all go on our merry ways.

So still a rather peculiar thing, but good intentions. It was nice to be considered.

2. Got ambushed on the train by brooksmoses on Tuesday. This is what comes of having predictable habits.

3. I thought, early in the week, that I was horribly undersocialized (in the sense of not having been spending enough time with people recently, not the sense of not having been trained to deal with people when young), but then realized that I was completely wrong. I am missing specific people, mostly my family because I'm not going to see them this holiday season and that makes me sad, but I am okay in general. I also have a bunch of art I want to play with, so now I am looking forward to having a Thanksgiving holiday wherein Andres and I will be, as far as we can tell, the only humans left in the entire Bay Area, because it will give me lots of time to get things done. So that's nice.

(Not that I am against having an emergency party, if you will be one of the few humans not leaving town. In fact, I would be delighted to have anybody feeling abandoned or adrift over for Thanksgiving-type dinner. I will feed you pie.)
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