May 27th, 2006


"Welcome Nobody"

So here we are in lovely Ann Arbor, Michigan, having just got back to the hotel room after andres_s_p_b's father's wedding. That was a heck of a backyard wedding -- the bride's family is (a) enormous and (b) lots of fun. Touching little ceremony, tasty food, hours and hours of dancing, and more amateur photographers than you can shake a memory stick at. Also a visit from the police, because some neighboring crankypants complained about the noise....

The hotel we are in is set up mainly as a conference center / banquet hall, but there is nothing going on this weekend so the great big "Welcome" sign out front is blank, welcoming no-one. This is a little depressing, but it's otherwise a perfectly nice hotel, and supplied me with thread and things when my dress fell apart about 5 minutes before we meant to leave for the wedding.

Yes, a dress. I bought a dress specifically for this event. What's more, I like it and might wear it again some time. Be alert for flying pigs and unseasonable rains of blood.
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