February 16th, 2006

red river hog


Awkward is kind of a fun thing to say. If you repeat it often enough, it loses all meaning: awkwardawkwardawkwardawkward.

I have been feeling generally awkward lately; rather like a small penguin staggering about bumping into things and squawking a lot.

Possibly a penguin preparing to do something penguins are not known to excel at, such as fly. (The small penguin staggers about bumping into things with a rocket pack strapped to its back. It looks at the pictures in the instruction manual very carefully [because penguins can't read] and considers parachutes.)

It's a really cute mental image, isn't it? Adorable little penguin bumping into things. Thus my goal: embrace the awkwardness. It's okay to stagger about flapping my stubby little wings. It's okay to fall down on my penguiny feathered butt. Penguins are well-padded, and there will be no lasting damage.

And I will try to keep the squawking to a minimum.