February 14th, 2006


San Francisco Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt

Saturday, leback, akosut, myshkintheidiot, andres_s_p_b, and I participated in the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt. We had a good time working out what all the cryptic little clues meant, then charging up and down Chinatown and neighboring bits of San Francisco looking for those addresses and alleys, then milling about near those addresses and alleys looking for whichever plaque we needed to pull a word off of.

San Francisco has a lot of plaques.

My poor little legs were not happy with all the uphill and downhill and up steps and down steps and look, it's another hill! But they were okay the next day, so no harm done.

We solved all the clues (unless they take off points for putting extra information on the score sheet -- one or two were badly phrased, so we weren't quite sure if they were looking for specific words or not), and got back before the deadline, but didn't win one of the cakes for the first five teams. We don't know how we placed yet, because they still haven't posted the scores. Grr.

In sum: Fun, satisfying, would do again. But I really want to know how well we did!
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