February 1st, 2006


Pointless survey!

I am feeling much better. Three cheers for LiveJournal, which let me get a little sociability in a very non-threatening sort of way, which I could then bootstrap up to more specific things I was lacking. (Also, leback makes good cake.)

Therefore, a morning meme, lately of micheinnz, although it's been making the rounds.

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Home from the vet

Just got Niobe home from the vet. She's still a little wobbly from the anaesthetic, but alert, cheerful, and very, very hungry.

The tech brought her out from the back wrapped up in a towel, then popped her into the cage, towel and all, directly into the nice cardboard tube so she could have a comfy rest on the way home. Niobe immediately clambered out of the towel and over to the food bowl, where she stayed the rest of the way home, despite the fact that between the medication and the movement of the car she was having a very tricky time staying upright.

Here is a large blurry picture for anyone interested in wounds. That's got a good view of the incision for the lump on the left there, and you can see part of the spay up underneath.

She's supposed to stay quiet, with no running or jumping, for about a week. Could be a challenge.
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