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LiveJournal Haiku
serenejournal posted some of her results from this automatic haiku generator, so I went to play with it for a bit. I learned that I use the word "so" entirely too much, and that it results in haiku that don't begin or end properly. I don't think any of them have the right number of syllables. But a few of them are interesting anyway:

get me to dance to
a song i don't get to
kick some ass before

so here we have a
whole holiday season
but that was a splash

And my personal favorite:

i've turned compost
which is making this room much
more tolerable

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From my journal:

two of you against
one of whom does evil or
an office drone

map posted before
which wound up nearly useless
in play anyway

something special to
chaos mages it's not so
easy to make them

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