December 29th, 2005


The world is functioning well and smoothly

We have arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area. We're staying at andres_s_p_b's uncle's house in San Jose until our furniture gets here, which will happen on the 3rd. Today we signed most of the lease papers for our new place, then got local maps and the cashier's check we need for the deposit and first month's rent and so on. Tomorrow we will do the pre-move-in inspection and get keys. We may get the utilities set up today, or we may go get some groceries and do utilities tomorrow.

Last night, after we arrived, we pondered the concept of dinner for a while. "I feel like Thai," I said, and thanks to the magic of Google Maps, not ten minutes later we found ourselves in a lovely little Thai restaurant with great food.

Also, while we were exploring earlier, we entered a grocery store (we thought it had a bank in it, to get the cashier's check, but it only had an ATM) and there was a huuuuuge display of avocados at 10 for $10.

I think I'm going to like it here.
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The phone company is sand in the gears of my smoothly-functioning world

No phone or internet until the 11th! The 11th! TWO WEEKS without my precious contact with the outside world!

Well. I think we can get everything that needs to be done on the phone done from here before we move over to the new place, and presumably Internet access can be borrowed from somewhere (local library, say), but still. All you have to do is fill in a form and flip a switch, people! If you tell me which switch to flip I will open the junction box and do it myself!

(If you, the reader, happen to know in detail why it is in fact much more complicated than flipping a switch and I should relax because it does actually take two weeks to turn on phone service, do please enlighten me. Conversely, if you, the reader, happen to know that it is so that simple, let me know so I can be really righteously irritated instead of having this niggling suspicion that I might be being slightly unreasonable.)