December 5th, 2005


3 feet of water in the machine room

So our e-mail and our personal websites are on our own server, which lives in andres_s_p_b's old office at the university, sponging off them until such time as we get moved and it is shipped off to a server farm in Austin (where it will romp with all the other little servers, frolicking in the lovely green grass under fluorescent lights with a static IP address and all similar good things).

The water main at the university broke today. There's 3 feet of water in the machine room, so our little server, along with the entire Computer Science department, is offline until further notice.

Our server is not in the machine room, so it is not under water and will be just fine, but all the bits have to go through the room that is under water, and it will be a while before that's cleaned up. They're estimating maybe tomorrow afternoon.

I want my e-mail. ::twitch::