November 28th, 2005



Sunday we went to go see Mirrormask with two friends of ours (N and A) and their Additional Social Unit (D). I had no idea the movie was going to be showing in town, but N found an ad for it while paging through the list of movies for the Three Rivers Film Festival. It was playing at the Harris Theater, which was apparently the first arthouse cinema in Pittsburgh. It couldn't support itself doing that, so from the 60's to the 90's it was a porn theater, and only in 1995 did it start showing art movies again. Now it's part of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Because downtown Pittsburgh is a place of madness and pain, we took the bus instead of driving. That actually worked quite well -- although the buses don't run very frequently on Sundays, there was one that got us there only 40 minutes before showtime and one that left just 20 minutes after the movie was over. andres_s_p_b and I explored the area for a while before the theater opened its doors. We found a building with an amazing pattern of filth on the side that made it hard to focus on. It looked like it was made of a cloud of soot, or fading away into grey mist. We also found a nifty spiral fountain and some benches shaped like eyeballs.

Eventually we wandered back to the theater, where we discovered the basement ("lower lobby"), furnished with comfy chairs, random tables, and many frustratingly locked doors with no obvious purpose. A, N, and D showed up in time to be lent cash for tickets (elderly theater -- no clever swipy things), and we wandered in to the little screening room for the show. While we were waiting, D and andres_s_p_b got into a discussion about pet rats (D wants some, but his roommate thinks they're gross), and a woman in the row behind us popped in with an "Actually, they make great pets," which was pleasant.

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